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A single message from topic:  Templot2 change log   in forum:  Development doings
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Single message by Martin Wynne       Topic: Templot2 change log
Posted: 12 Dec 2011 09:16
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Martin Wynne
West Of The Severn, United Kingdom

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Build # 5030    18-January-2012
Build # 5053    19-January-2012

  • bug fix: flare length adjustment on curviform V-crossing TS check rail extension end. Fixed.

  • bug fix: display of total template timbering length moved from info panel to shove timbers dialog. Fixed:

  • bug fix: half-diamond timbering as model was not displaying correctly. Fixed.

  • bug-fix: sketchboard metafiles -- changing to a hatched infill did not erase any previous solid infill. Fixed.

  • bug-fix: ladder crossovers were incorrect for transition curve and slewed templates. Fixed.

  • bug-fix: gauge menu items were not always showing the correct current item to match the current control template. Fixed.

  • help > print F key chart: chart updated for shortcut changes since version 091c.

  • sketchboard: new add > custom item button. An existing combined item can be set as a custom item and added as often as required. Click the edit > set as custom item menu item. This is essentially the same as copying and pasting the item, but leaves the Windows clipboard free for other things. The custom item remains available until the end of the session or until it is changed to a different one. This function can be used to add multiple copies of signals, buffer stops, trees, and similar items.

  • sketchboard: new formatted text block item. This augments the existing plain text items by allowing mixed formatting -- bold, italic, different fonts and sizes, colours, backgrounds, etc., within a single sketchboard item.

    This makes it easier to create locking tables for signal box diagrams, control panel legends, and similar annotations on the sketchboard track plans. And to add attractive notes and headings to layout plans for exhibition displays, etc. 

    A basic editor is included directly in Templot to create the formatted content. For more complex content including tables, lists, margins, etc., content can be copied and pasted from Microsoft Word or Windows Wordpad, or loaded from RTF files saved from such programs (not DOC files).

    N.B. It's not recommended to include pictures in the copied content, other than small icons. Otherwise the RTF and sketchboard SK9 files will be vastly inflated and the copy/paste functions will be extremely slow. Instead, add images directly to the sketchboard using the existing add bitmap image function.

    Formatted text block items on the sketchboard:


    In the simple RTF editor. Click the OK button to add it to the sketchboard:

    Formatted text blocks showing on the workpad:

  • Maintenance build #5053:

    bug-fix: sketchboard: formatted text block: editor cut, copy, paste commands were losing the selected text. Fixed.

    bug-fix: the startup sequence was displaying duplicated dialogs. Fixed.



A single message from topic:  Templot2 change log   in forum:  Development doings
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