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Single message by Martin Wynne       Topic: Templot2 change log
Posted: 19 Jan 2012 11:10
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Martin Wynne
West Of The Severn, United Kingdom

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Build  # 5403    3-March-2012

  • bug-fix: display of the geometry > peg positions > sub-menu was corrupted. Fixed.

  • "Unfinished Development Version" splash removed from workpad.

  • yellow hard-hat program icon restored.

  • new dummy vehicle tool for checking and measuring running clearances.

    In addition to testing running clearance on curved double-track, this tool will be useful for checking clearances for platform gaps, clearing points in loops and sidings, and clearances for lineside features such as signal posts and bridge parapets.

    This tool works in a similar way to the spacing-ring tool, and will often be used at the same time, so both tools are combined on the same dialog -- tools > spacing ring  •  dummy vehicle menu item.

    1. A dummy vehicle outline can be rolled along the control template alignment*, and copies of it can be left at various locations as required. This allows clearances to be checked:

    The solid outline shows the actual vehicle body dimensions. The dashed lines show a clearance envelope along both sides. The centre of the vehicle is also marked for convenience.

    The default sizes used are:

    body length:  65ft (780")
    body width: 9ft-3in (111")
    bogie centres: 46ft-6in (558")

    which are typical of the larger UK vehicles.

    The default side clearance is 6" on each side.

    These dimensions can be changed to whatever you want by clicking the dimensions... button. Your vehicle dimensions are saved in your program preferences between sessions.

    6" clearance means that there is more than 1ft scale between the bodies in the above screenshot.

    The curving radius in the control template can be adjusted with the dummy vehicle present, until the desired clearance is obtained. The dummy vehicle remains in position on the control template as it is moved or adjusted in the usual way. However, the copies are not linked to any template and are simply a record on the workpad of past locations of the dummy vehicle. They remain unchanged if the underlying templates are moved or deleted. You can make up to 32 copies.

    2. The dashed clearance marker lines can be adjusted by mouse action. This makes it possible to measure the clearance between rolling stock and fixed objects:

    (To get a proper result this measurement should of course be made at the vehicle centre-marker.)

    This mouse action can also be used to measure the centre axle sideplay needed on 6-wheel vehicles at different radii. Set the body length to match the wheelbase. Set the body width to match the track gauge. The clearance marker can then be adjusted by mouse action to align with the outer rail. If there is significant gauge slop on the wheels (e.g. 00 gauge), the available slop can be subtracted from the indicated sideplay.

    Like the spacing-ring, this dummy vehicle tool works as a design aid only on the workpad. The dummy vehicles are not on the printed templates or exported to image files, and not included in .box files.

    (The calculations assume that the bogie pin is on the track centre-line. This is not strictly true, especially for long 6-wheel bogies on sharp model curves, but is a close enough approximation for practical purposes bearing in mind all the other unpredictable variables in the models. If a more accurate result is needed, the versine on the bogie wheelbase should be calculated, and the running radius adjusted accordingly.)

    * note that the dummy vehicle can be rolled only along the control template alignment. It can't roll across template boundaries onto a different alignment on a background template -- over a crossover road for example, or through complex formations created from multiple partial templates. For testing such clearances, create a separate dummy straight centre-line-only plain track template, show the dummy vehicle on it, and position it manually (F7 and F8 mouse actions) over the background templates.

  • new options when zooming with the mouse wheel:

    This option setting is saved in your program preferences between sessions.

  • important updated info after creating large size PDF files:



A single message from topic:  Templot2 change log   in forum:  Development doings
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