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A single message from topic:  Templot2 change log   in forum:  Development doings
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Single message by Martin Wynne       Topic: Templot2 change log
Posted: 4 Mar 2012 19:29
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Martin Wynne
West Of The Severn, United Kingdom

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Templot2      version: 205b      build: 5675      26-April-2012

  • bug-fix: yellow target marker on intersection remained on workpad if make diamond-crossing resulted in a straight regular diamond. Fixed.

  • bug-fix: 1-bit and 4-bit bitmaps were not saved to PNG format correctly. Fixed by conversion to 8-bit.

  • fix: auto-sizing text was not showing correctly on Linux/Wine (bug in Wine). Worked around.

  • Default installation changed to C:\TEMPLOT_DEV\templot_2.exe

  • "Development Version" references removed.
  • "small radius" warning modified to prevent display anomalies.

  • F3/F4 menu items revised.

  • spot zoom target ring changed to an octagon with cross-hairs to avoid being confused with the spacing-ring tool (trackpad > zoom and pan options > show spot zoom target menu item).

  • workpad window and menu renamed trackpad. This is a naming change only, to better reflect the function of the trackpad area and differentiate it from the sketchboard work area.

  • Fonts: changed to Linux equivalents when running under Crossover/Linux/Wine.

  • roll dummy vehicle: the travel of the dummy vehicle is now limited so that it cannot move much more than one vehicle length beyond the control template boundaries. If necessary the control template can be temporarily extended to allow such movement.

  • clicking an .sk9 file launches Templot2 and reloads the file onto the sketchboard.

  • sketchboard: new no select ! option:

    1. ticking this box for the selected item,
    2. causes this confirmation alert to be displayed.

    Once this option has been ticked for an item, the only way to cancel it is via the menu option for all items:

  • background shapes: new up/down buttons to change the order in which the shapes are drawn on the trackpad:

    The up/down buttons repeat if held down.

    The shapes are drawn on the trackpad in the order listed, so the one at the bottom of the list is displayed at the front of the stack. I know this is non-intuitive, but I'm not sure what to do about it.

    Also, when you click a shape in the list, it is initially displayed in front of all the others and outlined in red. This is a long-standing behaviour which I would prefer not to change, so this is also going to be a bit confusing. The shape returns to its place in the stack when you click these buttons.

    These buttons appear only when there is more than one background shape in the list. Please don't report a bug that the buttons have gone missing if you have only one background shape.

  • exported image files:
  • trackplan items on sketchboard: new option to omit picture shape borders.

    In both cases this option is now off by default:

  • exported image files:
  • trackplan items on sketchboard:

    For these outputs the crossed-through rectangle, which was output in place of a picture shape when picture shapes were turned off, has been removed.

    This feature remains for PDF and printed output.

  • bitmap rendering on sketchboard:

    New option setting design quality or display quality:

    More information at:



A single message from topic:  Templot2 change log   in forum:  Development doings
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