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A single message from topic:  Building Yeovil Pen Mill in EM   in forum:  Trackbuilding topics
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Single message by Andrew Duncan       Topic: Building Yeovil Pen Mill in EM
Posted: 19 Feb 2017 19:58
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Andrew Duncan
Reigate, United Kingdom

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Hello Everyone

I've started to make a little more progress now with Yeovil track work. I've still not stuck down and ballasted the MPD track to its baseboard for a variety of reasons, but I have built the next base board joining the MPD which is the double junction board.

I thought it might be of interest to describe the methods I've used for this as its rather different to the approach that I started to take with the MPD. With that I'd built the track on sleepers double sided to the paper templates with the intention of removing the template at the end (which I did) and then laying the lot "Norman Solomans style " in one go and ballasting...job done! Well I still haven't plucked up the courage to do this, so...

I then got interested in Howards Bolton's method of building track with the crossings pre fabricated directly on a spare template which in part is what I've followed in this next board which you'll see in the photos below. I say partly because I'd already stuck down the sleepers with double sided tape again intending to do the same as I had before.

This time however I did not remove the template at the end of the track building, I just lifted it off its temporary construction board and stuck it in place with some "3M stuff" (does anyone know of an alternative glue that sticks well but allows adjustment before it goes off?) that did not swell the paper and sticks like the proverbial. This time I've stuck it directly to the baseboard (another departure from before when I used 3mm cork) which is 12mm MDF sealed with a coat of paint to prevent / reduce swelling and shrinkage which in turn is mounted on four 90mm high supports which in turn sit on the layout sub base(18mm ply).

Why did I go for such a complicated set up? My need / requirement here is to have the layout broken up into sections 3' to 4' long so that I can build each section in the comfort of our main living room and so that if there any problems in the future I can remove a section from the main layout in the shed and bring it into the house to work on. Luckily for me I'm married to a pretty tolerant woman who still seems to be very fond of me despite my rather eccentric hobby. Maybe its something to do with her training as a psychotherapist, I think I'm probably an interesting case study for her...can't otherwise understand why she should put up with a bit of trainset on the end of our dining table week in week out?

Anyway domestic arrangments apart, back to the layout. Here are few pictures of what Ive been describing above...if I can recall how to upload?

This view shows the underside wiring including the servos for turnouts controlled by the Megapoints electronics which seem rather like magic to me....!

Yeovil point rodding under construction last month. Unlike Howards point rodding mine doesn't have to work luckily, as even this non working set up took an age to do. Incidentally I used Modelu point rodding stools which really are  quite exquisite models (if  only I could see all the detail!) Howards cranks, compensators etc and Eileen's metre long 0.4mm straight brass wire( this may have been a mistake as I've since read that brass gets damaged easily and perhaps nickel silver would have been stronger).

I'm getting rather strange effects on the computer screen now so I think I'll quit whilst I'm ahead and try and upload this as it is.

Kind regards


A single message from topic:  Building Yeovil Pen Mill in EM   in forum:  Trackbuilding topics
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