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A single message from topic:  Building Yeovil Pen Mill in EM   in forum:  Trackbuilding topics
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Single message by Andrew Duncan       Topic: Building Yeovil Pen Mill in EM
Posted: 10 Aug 2017 21:07
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Andrew Duncan
Reigate, United Kingdom

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Hello Everyone
Well I'm back from a great week at Missenden Abbey. Did I achieve my aim of making some significant progress? Well yes I did although I must admit it doesn't look that impressive, but on the other hand building point work with C&L components is not a quick process and my hopes that I might return with a baseboard largely complete evaporated in the first few days there! 

On the other hand Tony Gee (one of the tutors) showed me how he build the crossings with a simple set of gauges, that allowed me to make my first really reliable crossing (the bit I always find the hardest to do consistently where the wing rails and knuckles line up with point of the V) and that was probably the biggest single move forward for me.

Add to that seeing how other modellers do things or just store their tools and materials is an education in itself. So thanks go to Tim, Barry, Pat (who allowed me to borrow and ruin his cutting mat), David, Mark, Chris who organises the whole thing and Simon( who I think follows this thread) for all your help support and kind comments. Edit. I realise i missed out Mick Bonwick who provided the spray booths and who could do quite astonishing things with an airbrush!

Below are a couple of photos of progress to date on that board.

Here is view looking south towards the platforms with the up and down main line running either side of the carriage siding in the centre of the picture and on the left a row of three turnouts giving on to the marshalling yard area directly opposite the platforms.

and here's a view in the opposite direction with the platform (when its built) immediately on the left of the turnout and my "dodgy trackwork detector wagon" about half way down the board.  This is a lovely example of how Templot enables beautiful curved trackwork to be built in a way that I would never achieve left to my own devices.  
Great program Martin, thank you.

Kind regards,


Last edited on 5 Sep 2017 21:38 by Andrew Duncan

A single message from topic:  Building Yeovil Pen Mill in EM   in forum:  Trackbuilding topics
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