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Single message by John Palmer       Topic: Radstock S&DJR
Posted: 5 Sep 2017 16:53
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John Palmer


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Thanks, Martin!

I failed to adjust the checkrail not only on the slip leading to the Up Siding (near the Cattle Market) but also the slip leading from Up Main across to Number One Road via the Down Main.   Probably because this is a shallow-angled diamond (almost too shallow?), the check rail adjustment via 'customise V-crossing' had no effect and I failed to notice the problem until prompted to review the layout by your post.

The British Wagon Company works may also need some further work, and would certainly need it for a post-Second World War layout.  After the war, the site of Edgarley's saw mill (to the east of the wagon works shown on the OS plan) was acquired by the company and a new wagon repair works erected upon it, served at east and west ends by traversers.  After the closure of Ludlows in 1954, access to the wagon works was only possible via the S&D, and the connections serving it were altered to reflect this.

I was pleased about the incline!  A little calculation and experimentation required to get the correct adjacent track offset, but after that it's a doddle to set such an arrangment up in Templot using the 'make double track' functions.

A good tip about the crop and combine of the shap file map images - I'll try to remember that one.

A single message from topic:  Radstock S&DJR   in forum:  Share and show
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