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Single message by John Palmer       Topic: Direct loading of background maps
Posted: 9 Sep 2017 10:52
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John Palmer


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As yet I've not taken a look at the facility to calculate the size of a map screenshot, as I thought I would first sample Templot's added capability of directly importing a map from the web.

My anti-virus program bitterly contested my efforts to update to 215a, but eventually my will prevailed, and I decided to test the new map importation capability at Templecombe, some way south of my last effort. Incidentally, in case it assists an understanding of my observations, I'm running 64-bit Windows 7 Pro (SP1) on a refurbished HP workstation with 3.33GHz Xeon W3680 CPU's and 12GB of Ram.

The first point to make – and it is an overwhelming plus point that puts in the shade such niggles as I have – is that the import facility saves you all the trouble of re-scaling your screenshot to the scale in which you are working. And since it will do so for each screenshot you make, the possibility that two or more hand-imported screenshots may get re-scaled to slightly different scales is eliminated – brilliant!

Here's a screenshot of my first attempt at constructing a map of the layout at Templecombe for a P4 Templot drawing:

You can see that, for the first map I imported at the 0,0 datum, I forgot to click the Full-screen/Draw option on the map image, so leaving in the spurious menus, etc. Initially I fed in the relevant grid reference to specify the map I required, but eventually I found it easier to select the screenshot I required in my usual web browser (Firefox), then copy and paste the URL for that into the 'other screenshot map URL' in Templot's 'load a map into background picture shapes' dialog.

Within the Templot map viewer my mouse failed to scroll the map. I tried using the arrow keys for scrolling the map in the viewer, but found the scroll steps to be much too coarse. However, I did get acceptable results by selecting the view separately in the web browser then pasting its URL into the Templot dialog.

It would have been nice to be able to extend the map in Templot using the 'extend tiled map' facilities in the dialog, as shown in post #9. However, as can be seen from the second attached screenshot, those extend and crop buttons haven't yet shown up in the dialog as displayed on my machine – something I have missed here?

My biggest niggle is the incorporation into the screenshots grabbed by Templot of the dialog by which the imported map's Templot coordinates are entered. Again, perhaps there is something I have missed about this, but I don't really need the dialog to specify the coordinates because invariably I am going to move the imported map image to a greater or lesser extent to align it with other map images I have already imported. For this reason I would personally have no problem with any imported map being positioned initially at the 0,0 datum, from which I can then move it wherever I wish.

Once all the required map images are imported they can be cropped and combined within arbitrarily specified rectangles as required. Very useful to reduce the number of .sk8 files for an upload.

Hope these comments may be of some help – a big tip o' the hat to Martin for this marvellous extension of the mapping functionality in Templot.

Last edited on 9 Sep 2017 11:02 by John Palmer

A single message from topic:  Direct loading of background maps   in forum:  Templot talk
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