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A single message from topic:  Exactoscale track parts and turnout kits   in forum:  Trackbuilding topics
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Single message by Hayfield       Topic: Exactoscale track parts and turnout kits
Posted: 10 Aug 2018 15:26
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United Kingdom


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Thanks for the kind words, and I am mighty relieved at not being in a position to have contemplated taking over C&L or apply to distribute Exactoscale track parts. I do understand Phil has lost the confidence of some customers. And I would like to think had I been in his position I would have done things differently, on the other hand I might well have done things a lot worse.

First and foremost I believe its important that this part of the hobby survives and develops, I think that in the long run the two businesses will both benefit by being separate entities, whilst I have limited knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes I have been in a position is seeing first hand customer interaction at shows.

I also would love for those modellers who build their own track start using the special chairs, but I have seen first hand the reluctance of all but a few to take up on this idea, track builders are a very small community within our hobby, those using special chairs then are a small community of those building track.

Looking at the customer demography of model railways is older modellers stuck in their ways and unwilling to change, by in large wanting to buy in person not mail order. Whether its deserved or not C&L is a brand that a majority of its customers enjoy and are deeply loyal to. Granted some are completely hacked off with, but thats life

I have seen a great improvement with C&L over the past few months, losing Exactoscale rather than be a great financial loss in my opinion free up Phil's time by reducing the product range and duplication and open new avenues for the shows

The fact of Exactoscale's temporary unavailability is not a decision made by Phil. Somethings which seem to be financially detrimental end up being a blessing. Hopefully in a few months things will be back to normal, if a bit different. For some the saying of be wary of what you wish for has come to fruition !! I wish for a bright new future and think it is a step in the right direction for all

A single message from topic:  Exactoscale track parts and turnout kits   in forum:  Trackbuilding topics
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