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Single message by Paul Boyd       Topic: OpenTemplot - where next?
Posted: 4 Sep 2018 22:12
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Paul Boyd
Loughborough, United Kingdom


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Hi Martin
For me, the main interest was in having the possibility of running Templot without having the internet check.  In the event that for whatever reason that gets switched off, all our work is made useless at a stroke.  Whatever the software, I feel nervous about relying on something outside of my control to be able to continue using it.  Even with my reluctant switch to the subscription model of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop I can still fall back on an older standalone copy if necessary, and I have an XP box squirelled away as a last resort for when Microsoft do something stupid to stop my ALPS printer working, or parallel printer ports on PCs disappear completely.

The idea of being able to tweak things to make my own version does appeal, although it’s been a long time since I’ve done any programming.  Regarding the work you’ve done to split it into two versions, I do feel you were bullied into that to some extent, but obviously you could have said “no”!

To be honest, in your shoes I wouldn’t spend any further time on it, having released it so it’s available if necessary.  You may like to do the occasional big update now and then though!  I would hate you to think you’ve wasted your time though - as a way of being able to continue using Templot in the event of the proverbial bus changing its timetable, or nuclear Armageddon wiping out the servers, it would be reassuring to know that we can still access all our work!



A single message from topic:  OpenTemplot - where next?   in forum:  OpenTemplot
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