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A single message from topic:  How to join/align 2 templates?   in forum:  Baffled beginners
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Single message by Martin Wynne       Topic: How to join/align 2 templates?
Posted: 3 Aug 2019 13:01
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Martin Wynne
West Of The Severn, United Kingdom

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drrsenior wrote: Thanks.That does work BUT if for example the second track was in the engine shed then it now has around 600mm less of straight track as it was shortened to meet the curve neatly.
My example is certainly not how I would lay it out but was deliberately meant to make it so that this easy way of joining was not possible without altering the existing track.
I suspect that it is going to need a reverse curve of some sort.
Hi Richard, Tom,

For the usual way to link between two existing templates, see:

That method avoids have to make precise length adjustments by eye.

However, in this case that is going to much reduce the length of the shed road as in Tom's example. To link those two templates as they stand is going to need a sharp reverse curve.

But the B-6 turnout is much longer than it needs to be. Because of the contraflexure it can be shortened significantly -- here I made it a 9ft-switch 1:5 turnout, which still provides a radius of 1165mm (46"). Change to a curviform V-crossing, make a branch track, and insert an S-curve transition in it. Then adjust the length and position of the transition zone until the curve doesn't quite kiss the shed road, close to the end of it:

Then you can use the make transition function as shown in the above link to complete it. Because the control template is itself a transition curve, it is necessary to select its 1st radius in the make transition dialog.

The shed road template can then be deleted and the new template extended to replace it:

I also normalized the first S-curve transition (to look neater on the trackpad, it doesn't affect the tracks).

The fly in this ointment is that no prototype railway company ever used mathematical transition curves in an engine shed! Templot needs an easier means to create tangential arcs in situations like this. That's something I have had on my NOD list for years, maybe it's time I did something about it. :) It can be done now with some counter-intuitive working from dummy pointwork, or by using school geometry on dummy templates, but it needs something simpler.



A single message from topic:  How to join/align 2 templates?   in forum:  Baffled beginners
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