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Single message by Martin Wynne       Topic: OpenTemplot - where next?
Posted: 12 Sep 2019 08:23
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Martin Wynne
West Of The Severn, United Kingdom

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Hi John,

Thanks for your thoughts.

The original motivation for open-sourcing Templot was to ensure that it remains available if the grim reaper comes looking for me on a bus.

The whole of Templot cannot be open-sourced because it contains some non-OS licenced components, and some Windows-only functions (metafiles) which are not supported on other platforms. A full OS version of Templot therefore requires that these components be replaced with new code. Which means that the existing closed-source version (Templot2) needs to remain available until someone comes forward to do that (you?).

My original intention was that a cut-down version of Templot would be open-sourced as a conventional collaborative project on SourceForge (OpenTemplot). However, many users said that they were not interested/skilled enough for that, and simply wanted a version of Templot which they could dabble in to understand how it works and learn about coding.

I therefore released a separate source version called TemplotMEC as a zip attachment here on the Templot Club forum, and provided some instructions on how to get started with it on a free compiler, see:

The actual interest turned out to be near-zero. After 12 months not a single contribution had been made to the SourceForge project, and very few references to TemplotMEC here, with no actual new code posted.

I therefore deleted the collaborative stuff on SourceForge and left it as a simple zip download of TemplotMEC for anyone who wants it. I have also decided not to spend any more time on it, and to concentrate on further developments of Templot2 only.

having two separate versions that are not part of the main product roadmap gives little incentive to participate. This link may provide further info on the open source philosophy - especially the section Understanding Community ExpectationsTemplot2 is not a product and it doesn't have a roadmap -- I ceased trading 8 years ago. It is now simply a hobby project of mine which I'm happy to share with anyone who wants it. After 20 years of public Templot I think I have a good understanding of users' expectations.



A single message from topic:  OpenTemplot - where next?   in forum:  OpenTemplot
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