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Single message by Martin Wynne       Topic: OpenTemplot - where next?
Posted: 13 Sep 2019 10:22
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Martin Wynne
West Of The Severn, United Kingdom

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John Clutterbuck wrote: Hi Martin,
What I meant  was that I wouldn't want to contribute to an OS project whilst there was a separate main project (currently closed-source Templot2) being extended with new functionality.
Hi John,

My original intention was that any developments in Templot2 would also be posted to SourceForge as part of the OpenTemplot project.

But it is not a 5-minute task to convert them from Delphi code to compile in Lazarus, and remove any references to the non-OS components. If there was an active OpenTemplot project I would be happy to do that. But while active interest in OpenTemplot appears to be zero, my time would seem to be better spent elsewhere.

You seem to be suggesting that I should stop developing Templot2 and work only on OpenTemplot? I'm not going to do that while it would mean abandoning significant chunks of functionality. If you can find a means to support the missing functionality in Lazarus I would be happy to consider it. I have looked long and hard without finding anything usable.

Also at present .BOX files from Templot2 are not compatible with .OTBOX files from OpenTemplot. That's because they are binary files (in a format unchanged for over 20 years) and Lazarus does not support the 80-bit Extended floating-point data type which is used throughout Templot2. I have tried to create a conversion utility, but it's messy and needs modifying for every program update, so it is currently commented out. What is needed is an entirely new file format based on XML or similar. That's very definitely not a 5-minute task, although there are XML components available which might help, and one such is already used for the .SK9 files from the sketchboard. If someone wanted to contribute to OpenTemplot, creating a new file export/import format in XML would be a massive step forward.



A single message from topic:  OpenTemplot - where next?   in forum:  OpenTemplot
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