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Single message by Martin Wynne       Topic: OpenTemplot - where next?
Posted: 14 Sep 2019 07:35
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Martin Wynne
West Of The Severn, United Kingdom

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John Clutterbuck wrote: Hi Martin,

I am certainly not suggesting you stop work on Templot2. I was simply trying to find a way that others (including me) could contribute and help improve and ensure the continuation of the wonderful program you have created.

Am I correct you are now developing Templot2 using Delphi? If so surely anyone could download the Embarcadero Community Edition and would have the means to contribute to Templot2 itself. All that would then be needed is to host the Templot2 code on SourceForge, GitHub, etc. and use commits and pulls to get/submit changes, with branches for new features such as the import/export facilities. There would be no need for alternative OS versions, conversions, Lazarus, etc.
Hi John,

If only it was that simple! Templot is now an old, old, program and it shows.

Thanks for drawing my attention to the Delphi Community Edition. It seems to have been introduced only 12 months ago in July 2018:

i.e. unfortunately that was after I made the decision to make a version of Templot available as open source in May 2018. Hence my decision to go with Lazarus:

However, the actual version of Delphi which I'm using is Delphi5 from 1998. It will likely need a lot of work to compile in modern Delphi, not least because that now uses 16-bit unicode for the basic string type, whereas earlier versions of Delphi use 8-bit ascii strings (as does Lazarus with 8-bit unicode). In Pascal strings can be treated as character arrays, and Templot uses that for byte arrays, including in the binary .box files. So that's going to mean a lot of conversion and testing work.

I will look to see if there is any advantage in switching from Lazarus to the Delphi Community Edition, but that doesn't change the fact that so far no-one has been actively interested in contributing to the project:


It also doesn't change the fact that Templot2 can't be open-sourced as it stands, because in includes paid-for non-OS licenced components.

There is slightly more interest in the TemplotMEC idea of a version for home dabblers in coding, who are unlikely to want to commit their efforts to a full Open Source Project.

I will also look at switching Templot2 from Delphi5 to the Delphi Community Edition. Although after using Delphi5 for over 20 years I'm very comfortable with it and not really looking for change, especially if it doesn't advance the actual program functionality one iota. I would rather go for a walk:




A single message from topic:  OpenTemplot - where next?   in forum:  OpenTemplot
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