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A single message from topic:  Templot2 change log   in forum:  Development doings
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Single message by Martin Wynne       Topic: Templot2 change log
Posted: 23 May 2011 14:53
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Martin Wynne
West Of The Severn, United Kingdom

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Summary of the main changes in Templot since version 091c of February 2008

  • support for irregular diamond-crossings and curviform ladders

  • platforms can be added alongside track templates

  • check rails can now be individually set and adjusted by mouse action

  • sketchboard layout drawing function

  • rail foot edge lines can be shown on FB templates (flat-bottom rails)

  • print menu renamed output menu

  • output in diagram mode -- solid colour infill between stock rail edges
    Important: not available for partial templates if stock rails omitted -- temporarily lay plain track templates across complex formations to create diagram-mode output.

  • output to PDF files, including large single pages for roll-paper poster printing

  • export to bitmap image files in PNG, GIF, JPG, BMP formats

  • export to vector image metafiles in EMF, WMF formats

  • easy capture of screenshots to PNG files

  • print now! function to bypass printer setup and calibration

  • background picture shapes -- support for PNG, JPG, GIF image formats

  • background picture shapes -- images saved in the BGS folder in SK8 format

  • background picture shapes -- images can be wrapped along the control template

  • additional top tool buttons: "beginner buttons" for the most common mouse actions

  • F9 mouse action adjusts V-crossing angle only, F10 adjusts K-crossing angle only

  • There is a new adjustable option and CTRL+F12 mouse action for the turnout-road exit,
    and the turnout road options have been moved from the do menu to the geometry menu

  • support for gaunt turnouts and gauntletted track

  • a dummy vehicle can be placed on the control template and adjusted to check and measure running clearances

  • notch on intersection functions

  • trackbed edges are now template-specific and saved in BOX file

  • trackbed edges can now show ballast edge and cess

  • program preferences can be saved across sessions

  • new file viewer function to browse saved template data .box files

  • rollback register (undo / re-do changes) now includes template name and memo

  • low-memory mode removed

  • on-screen refresh mode removed

  • startup dialogs simplified

  • storage box searching -- find template by name, sort group templates, find and group templates by name

  • storage box -- move to top or bottom buttons added, move up/down buttons repeat if held down

  • stored templates now have a fixed ID number in addition to an optional name. The ID number is allocated automatically when templates are stored. This makes it easier to find unnamed templates in the storage box.

  • new gauge menu with additional items in the quick list

  • option to hide the pegging notch

  • generator menu disabled for beginners

  • prototype defaults changed -- sleeper length 8ft-6in, 60ft/25 sleepers plain track, timbering square-on style with ends-in-line

  • total length of track plan templates and timbering shown in the storage box

  • prefix tags can be added to the template name labels to aid group selection functions

  • switch and V-crossings more clearly marked on printed templates

  • new options for the appearance of the fixing peg

  • page outlines on workpad -- default changed to off

  • grid in front of background shapes -- default changed to off

  • printed information page -- default changed to off

  • background shapes -- blank infill now fills with colour

  • Templot is now "dpi-aware" for much improved display on high-resolution screens and tablet computers

Here's a round-up of the bits of Templot2 which are currently not working, work-in-progress, or entirely missing:

updated to version 213b

1. In some places clicking the help and more information buttons and bars will do nothing or show empty pages. Writing the stuff to go in there is by far the most time-consuming part of developing Templot.

2. Several alerts and help notes include a more information online button or link, but it doesn't yet go anywhere specific, it will simply open the front page of the online Templot Companion in your browser.

3. Short-angle irregular half-diamonds need further work on the timbering. In most cases you will want to tidy them up with your own timber shoving. Don't put too much effort into this because if I change the program later, your work will be wasted and have to be done again.

4. Only a limited number of program settings are currently included in the program preferences. More will be added in due course.

Read all through this topic for more information about each new feature as it was introduced.

Please scroll to the end of this long topic for information about the most recent changes.


A single message from topic:  Templot2 change log   in forum:  Development doings
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