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A single message from topic:  Templot2 change log   in forum:  Development doings
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Single message by Martin Wynne       Topic: Templot2 change log
Posted: 30 May 2011 16:48
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Martin Wynne
West Of The Severn, United Kingdom

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# 3035    11-June-2011

  • default startup changed to Normal mode.

  • in Quick mode, retrieve from parking bay should store the existing control template first -- fixed.

  • output > export file ...  dialog is now fully working (except help notes):

    Output to exported image files and metafiles can be the full track plan on the workpad, or a rectangle can be drawn on the workpad as the image boundary. There is a new top tool button for drawing the rectangle (ringed above), and a draw new rectangle button on the export dialog for the same purpose.

    Raster images (PNG, GIF, JPG, BMP formats) will fill to the image boundary.
    PNG format is strongly recommended.
    Please don't use JPG unless the image contains a large photographic picture shape or similar. 

    But please be aware of metafile breakover on vector images (EMF, WMF formats).
    EMF format is strongly recommended.

    Breakover means that drawing elements which break across the metafile boundary do not get drawn at all. The result can look like this:

    This is not a program flaw. It is designed and intended to work this way for metafiles. In contrast, raster (bitmap) images fill completely to the boundary in the usual way.

    This has an important consequence for background picture shapes. In order to be included in a metafile (and the metafile option for the sketchboard trackplans), the picture shape must be wholly contained within the image boundary. This will often not be the case for the fit all templates option. In such cases use the current image rectangle option, and draw a rectangle to wholly contain the picture shape.

    The same consideration applies to other background shapes such as baseboard outlines.

    If this creates a much larger metafile image than is convenient, the picture shape can be split into several separate sections. Or alternatively use the bitmap image file option instead.

  • the temporary export menu has been removed.

  • the option to include the control template when printing background templates has been removed (also for PDF output). If the control template is wanted as part of a track plan it should first be stored on the background in the usual way. This happens automatically in Quick mode.

    The control template can still be printed separately for construction templates of course.

  • there are some changes to the print pages dialog:

    1. There are option buttons to change the output mode on the print pages dialog in addition to the settings on the output menu. This makes it possible to swap modes between one page and the next, should anyone want to do such a thing. :)  Mainly it is so that you can change the mode before printing if you have forgotten to do so.

    2. As a reminder of the mode in force, a splash panel now appears on the print preview screen.

    3. I have finally implemented the banner pause function long ago promised. Some printers keep feeding the paper after printing until they reach the end of the paper. This is a great nuisance if you have fixed a roll paper holder on your printer! In such cases you can now get Templot to pause before printing the final page, so that you can cut the paper from the roll. Click OK on the message box which appears, to print the final page.


A single message from topic:  Templot2 change log   in forum:  Development doings
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