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             Rating                           Building Yeovil Pen Mill in EM
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201st message | this message only posted: 6 Nov 2018 09:51
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Andrew Duncan
Reigate, United Kingdom

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Rob Manchester wrote: That is good Andrew. Are you counter-sinking cheesehead bolts into the 'timber'? Can't quite see from the last pic as it a little blurred on my screen ( polite way of saying your depth of field is too small ).

Could you sand the copperclad 'timber' thinner on one face to match the depth of the other timbers - you only need the copper to solder to on one side- unless you are also soldering the bolt heads to the copper.

Look forward to future updates.
Hello Rob

No I'm slightly countersinking counter sunk bolts but possibly the picture  shows a cheese head(?) which i used to align the nut when soldering to the bottoe of the timber. so 10 out 10 for paying attention and an eye for detail. As a proper photographer your camera will doubtless have inumerable F stops with which to play. My Iphone seems to lack this, so my apologies for the lack focus. 
This would have my parents turning in their graves as they were both in the photgraphic trade most of their lives. Back in the 60's and 70's Dad had Pentax which was very swish at the time, and Mum a Rollei, Very confusing looking into the lense finder on that whilst at the same time putting your hand over it to shade the screen enough to seeing anything atall. but she loved it!
Yes i could have filed the copper away on the top but i did that with the previous boards and it nearlty drove me crazy taking 0.8mm off evenly so when I came across the 1.06mm stuff I jumped at it. So no there no need for copper on the top as the head of the bolt is the hinge and needs to turn, albeit by not much! 
Thanks for the continued encouragement. 

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Templot Club > Forums > Trackbuilding topics > Building Yeovil Pen Mill in EM
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