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1st message | this message only posted: 23 Dec 2014 11:23
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John Shelley
St Ciers Sur Gironde 33820, France

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Martin Wynne  said, in the update log to the latest (2.11b) Templot update:

new keyboard shortcuts:

A problem with the Microsoft Surface tablets is that there is no INSERT key on the clip-on keyboard. The alternative CTRL+V shortcut is still working for store and background as it always has done, but I have got used to having a single key shortcut for this (the other hand being on the mouse). :)

I have therefore added the key (NOT sign) as an additional shortcut for store and background (the top-left key on the keyboard). The previous function on this key (zoom to fit all background templates) is more conveniently on PAGE UP. (Zoom to fit group templates is on PAGE DOWN).

So for store and background there are now all these options, according to preference:

click top tool-button
click main > store & background menu item
press INSERT key
press CTRL+V keys
press key (top-left key)

Likewise the lack of easy access to the F function keys on tablet computers and some laptops is a nuisance. Two of which are F2 and CTRL+F2 to hide or show the trackpad info and zoom dialogs:

<snip picture>

For CTRL+F2 the 2 key also works, but there wasn't an alternative for plain F2. So I have now added one -- the vertical bar character or pipe | (SHIFT+BACKSLASH).

<end quote>

Because of other things I've just got round to looking at this update, I like the video tutorials. 

I think that this next point is something that you don't need worry about Martin, rather be aware of.
What you say about keys is correct for a QWERTY keyboard which I think most Templotters will have, however they are not correct for the AZERTY keyboard that I now have as I bought my new computer here in France.  I realise that the selection of new shortcuts is for computers without F keys and the chances of someone having an AZERTY version and using Templot is very low.

I include a picture of my AZERTY keyboard.  A lot of use is made of the "Alt Gr" key.

The ¬ key doesn't exist anywhere on the keyboard, not a problem as I have F keys and the alternatives are available.

Out of interest top left key is ².

The vertical bar character or pipe | key option works OK as do the others once I've found the correct combination of keys.  As I implied earlier this isn't intended as a criticism, more a "should be aware of".

Cheers for now

John from 33820 St Ciers sur Gironde, France

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