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                                       NER interlaced turnouts
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1st message | this message only posted: 9 Nov 2015 14:44
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A little while back someone was asking about NER interlaced turnouts and noted that there aren't many pictures of them and the only NERA diagram is a 1:10.

The following are from Battersby (Junction!) on the Esk Valley Line. None of these photos are mine so I just link the URL. As far as I am aware these lasted until at least 1989, possibly longer. Not bad for turnouts that would have been built 70 years earlier. Although it is possible that these are replacements for earlier turnouts and it was found less paperwork to replace like for like rather than get a newer design authorised.

Battersby run around loop at the Picton End; about to be traversed by a blue Brush 4. About half way down the page.

EDIT: Note also that it has original 4 hole chairs, rather than the 3 hole later used by LNER/REA/BR designs.

Battersby at the Whitby/ Tees end by the former signal box. This is a partially interlaced turnout. Note that it has check rails that conform to LNER/REA specification, rather than the 'curly' type used by the NER. According to NERA documents, the LNER did not use interlaced turnouts for renewals.

This is the switch end of the above turnout. Note that there is only one single sleeper ahead of the toe (NER practice) and that the blade tips cover the whole of the first slide chair (NOT NER practice). An example perhaps of 'repair it with whatever we have lying about' and thus a prototype for everything.

Sorry I have already posted this. Look at the bottom right. A special chair with bolt hole for securing a rail, so slide chair or similar, being used to support a rail joint. The hole for the chair lines up with a bolt hole for the fish plate, but has no bolt in it now. Note also the amount of holes for track circuit detection.

And finally- just to prove wrong Martin's theory about 'when taking photos of track, they always wait until there's a train in the way', someone has very kindly noted that and waited until the loco is on the adjacent track. A nice picture of an interlaced turnout at Grosmont, NYMR, though with the crossing and toe cropped(!) I don't know if this turnout is still present (photo 2013) but I am up there next month so will have a look (this vantage point is easily accessible from a public path)

I hope that will help someone.

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Templot Club > Forums > Prototype pics > NER interlaced turnouts
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