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                                       Light railway flat bottom and BH combining
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I'm just starting to build a small layout in P4 of Ciliau Aeron just before and maybe after nationalisation. It was classed as a light railway and was home to a small fleet of 74xx Panniers and 14/48xx and autocoach's.

There was a combination of Flatbottom and Bullhead since the line was built. However at some point between 48-51 the line through my halt was re-laid with BH. However the line was not re-laid throughout, as the platform road in Aberayron still had both FB and BH including FB turnouts until closure in '65.

A few questions:
The 1911 board of trade inspection stated the following
FB rail 75lb/yd on 9'x10"x5" sleepers, with BH of 80 1/2lb/yd on 9'x9"x4.5" sleepers on curves to GWR standard.
Would these sleeper sizes have been maintained until the 50's?

At the halt i'm modelling the line was FB through the platform (until 48-51) but there are no photos of the goods loop to the East of the platform until the early 50's. The turnouts in these photos are BH but do look quite new (possibly?)
However in this image I'm undecided if there could be FB between the 2 turnouts on the main road? There seems to be a slight change in sleeper dimensions but the line of chairs seem to alter slightly after the turnout? 
Ciliau Aeron Goods loop siding image

Further to this idea is this siding at Green grove which was only opened in 1951 after passenger services had finished and it shows a BH turnout added with FB rail in the foreground which would have run to the Western end loop turnout

Green Grove goods siding turnout
FB rail between siding turnouts

There are a couple of good images of the FB turnout at Aberayron seen below, I'm thinking something a long the lines of a 9ft loose heeled FB turnout?

Aberayron FB turnout 1
FB turnout image 2

I've ordered a few sets of the Brassmasters FB baseplates and will make up a test piece of track in FB, probably using peco FB code 75, as I'm not sure of the dimensions of the peco IL-70 which I think could work, but code 55 wouldn't fit the baseplates but I think that too small anyway given the 70lb/yd stated. Any one know the dimensions of the IL-70 Meant for Hon30 but seen it advertised as 0 gauge rail, the foot needs to be 1.8mm to fit the brassmasters baseplates.

Further Album links to the line taken in 63.
Ciliau Aeron and Green Grove siding album
Aberayron Station album


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Templot Club > Forums > Prototype pics > Light railway flat bottom and BH combining
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