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                                       Changes in 216a
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Martin Wynne
West Of The Severn, United Kingdom

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Please do not send requests for help direct to me via email or PM.

Post your questions on the forum where everyone can see them and add helpful replies.
A summary of the main changes in 216a:

1. there are some additional beginner buttons at the top of the trackpad, for more info see:

2. tools > make branch track now has a keyboard shortcut SHIFT+F6.

3. crossing angles in CLM units can now be entered directly using the q or Q conversion factor, for more info see:

4. plain track templates now have an on-screen marker showing which side is the main side (MS), for more info see:

5. any background template can now have a coloured on-screen reminder of work in progress on that template, for more info see:

Thanks to Richard T for this suggestion.

6. rounded rectangles on the sketchboard now have the corner radius set as a percentage of the size, for more info see:

Thanks to Phil O for reporting this issue.

7. minor changes:

PDF files exported in black & white no longer contain any dashed or dotted lines. This is to circumvent a bug in the PDF generator engine.

The restored-down size and position of the trackpad window can be set directly from the program panel, as an alternative to dragging it: program > trackpad position ... menu item. This is primarily for my use in making the screen videos, but you may find it useful.

A clock ticker showing the current time can be added bottom-right to the trackpad: program > show time ticker menu item. This is primarily for my use when the trackpad is being broadcast live, but you may find it useful if your system clock is not visible for any reason.

8. other changes:

I have made some changes to the video access. In many ways this is a downgrade, but I feel I must minimize the work involved in creating the Templot Companion if it is ever going to progress.

Access to the videos is now primarily via the web site. The help > watch a video menu item now simply opens the video list page in your browser (still under construction).

Despite trying hard to find the MP4 format acceptable, I have decided that I can't. It's just not possible for me to watch it and feel comfortable.

Future videos will therefore be in FBR format only. The links on the Templot Companion pages will download a new SK5 loader file, which when opened will download and play the FBR video. If the link is clicked again in future, the video will be played without needing to be downloaded again.

The small SK5 file is not an executable, so there should be no security issues in downloading and opening it.

You can try this now by clicking this link and opening the downloaded file:

Unfortunately this change means that the videos will play only on systems which have Templot installed. However I am watching developments on CrossOver/Wine for Android devices.



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Templot Club > Forums > Templot talk > Changes in 216a
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