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A warm welcome to this Templot Club web site. Please join this friendly and helpful user forum to get the most from Templot and keep up-to-date with the latest news about Templot.

The Templot Club user forum was formed in May 2007, out of the Templot email group which had been running on YahooGroups for the previous 7 years, and now continues as a message archive only.

Here you can get help and support in using Templot, and exchange ideas, information, and data files with hundreds of other Templot users around the world.

Even if you are not a Templot user, if you enjoy building track to scale from prototype designs, setting out pointwork on flowing curves, and working from prototype maps and track plans, then Templot Club is for you too.

You can read the Templot Club pages without joining, but in order to post messages you need to register as a member. No personal information is required.

All messages posted here also appear on the Yahoo group messages where they can be searched in conjunction with over 8000 pre-2007 messages about Templot and model railway track. It is not necessary to join the Yahoo group to access and search the entire messages archive.

Messages posted here on Templot Club can if you wish be received as emails in addition to reading them here on the web site. Emails can be received direct from this web site, or via the Yahoo group. To receive them direct from this web site, click the My Account button and then the Emailed Messages tab, and make your settings as required.

As a Templot Club member you are welcome to post messages in any of the forums listed in the Forums sections. The Companion and Admin sections are for Templot resources and announcements and are not available for member posting. For more information about using this web site please click the Help button at the top of every page.

Templot Club is running on the Templot web site with no advertising or undesirable content. All memberships are approved by the administrator. Your email address is kept entirely private and is not disclosed to other members or anyone else, unless you decide otherwise.

If you have already registered, thanks again for joining Templot Club and welcome. If not, simply click Register to join Templot Club and become a member of this friendly group of fellow Templot users, and to gain full access to the Templot user support.


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