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There are several options for searching the Templot web site. If you don't find what you are looking for using one of them, it is worth trying another. The Detailed Site Search is the most comprehensive, but may not always be the most up-to-date. The FreeFind search option is sponsored by advertising which has no connection with Templot.

1. Click for Detailed Site Search ( all Templot web site including Templot Club forum)
2. or simple word search by date (Templot Club forum only) :  

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4. or search via the message archive on Yahoo (Templot Club forum only). It is not necessary to be a member of Yahoo.

Using the Advanced search option on Yahoo is the most detailed option for searching the Templot Club messages,
if and when it works. In order to see the Advanced Search button it is first necessary to make a simple search.
Enter your search terms in the Search Conversations box at:  search message archive . See below for more info.

Searching Templot Club forum via Yahoo:
All messages on Templot Club are also transmitted to the Templot email group on YahooGroups, where they are combined with the previous archive of Templot material amounting in total to over 30,000 messages and 20 years of Templot developments and track-building discussions.

To access and search all of this valuable resource, please click  search group archive .

Messages archived since May 2007 have originated via Templot Club and include a forum link back to the original message on the Templot Club forums. In this way you can easily view the message in context with formatting and any images and attachments, and instantly reply to it if you wish. Messages on Templot Club may also include subsequent edits, corrections and additions which are not present in the YahooGroups archive. Message attachments are not linked in the YahooGroups archive, so to access attachments you must use the forum link.

It is not necessary to register on Yahoo, or to be signed in, or to be a member of the Templot email group, to use these search functions. But it's worth joining the Templot email group to gain access to the Files and Photos sections, which still contain much useful material contributed by members in the early days.

Messages archived prior to May 2007 do not exist in the Templot Club database. You can reply to them by clicking the Reply link, but there may be a delay before the reply appears on Templot Club.