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A single message from topic:  output elements - new settings and print preview   in forum:  I wish it would...
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Single message by Hull Paragon       Topic: output elements - new settings and print preview
Posted: 13 Sep 2019 18:02
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Hull Paragon


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I read this with interest. I have been looking for a way to remove text from templates so that after they have been physically cut, there is no spurious text on the template. I suspect that this option is what I have been looking for but I note that this is (I assume) a modification that is only available in your version 2.23 'scruff release'. (I couldn't locate the sub-menu you referred to). With my Templot version I don't get the same options as those pictured in your reply to Paul.

The text I want to remove is shown in the attached pictures......

Do I need to install the scruff to get rid of this please?



Martin Wynne wrote: Paul Boyd wrote: Hi Martin,
I seem to be finding my way back to Templot again!  There's a couple of features that would be quite nice to have, if they're not already there somewhere:-
  • The other one, which I'm sure is an option somewhere, is to not show the template number on the output, so just "A11" instead of "PL172.A11".
Hi Paul,

Welcome back. Have you been far? :)

Thanks for the suggestions. In fact there wasn't such an option on the template ID prefix, but there is now, untick this:

All these settings are included in the saved program preferences.

I have also moved the menu item from the sub-menu into the main menu to make it easier to find.

Attached below is a scruff release of Templot, version 2.23.x

Save the  templot_2.exe  file in your  C:\TEMPLOT_DEV\  folder (or wherever you keep Templot), to replace the one already there.

Windows will no doubt take a dim view of it and make you click through the usual security stuff.

It's the same as the current 2.23.c program update apart from these changes, and the previous changes in 2.23.z for Rob:

It also fixes the printing bug, see:

When printing the background templates, any platforms with a solid infill obliterate any text, such as timber numbering or "blunt nose" etc. Could it be arranged so that the platform is always underneath any text? Hatching partially solves this, but even so, the text then becomes chopped up.That's a more involved program change than I can put in a quick scruff release. But I have added the option above to allow the platforms to be switched on and off more easily. Generally the platforms aren't needed at the same time as the timber numbers and guide marks. The numbers are needed when printing an actual construction template to use on the workbench, the platforms are needed when printing a full track plan to lay out on the baseboard.

I will look at moving the timber numbers above the platforms in the next full update, but it's not straightforward because the platforms are part of the rails printing function -- which have to be above the timbering obviously.



Here is 2.23.x  (not exhaustively tested, please report any issues):

A single message from topic:  output elements - new settings and print preview   in forum:  I wish it would...
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