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1st message | this message only posted: 5 Oct 2015 10:42
Martin Wynne
West Of The Severn, United Kingdom

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Please do not send requests for help direct to me via email or PM.

Post your questions on the forum where everyone can see them and add helpful replies.
This list is now out-of-date and not all the links are working. Please ask on the Templot Club forum for more information.

If you are new to Templot you may not realise that Templot has been available for over 20 years and has been subject to constant development over that time. Development which is still continuing. This means that many of the user guides, tutorials and screen videos on the Templot web site were made with and for earlier versions, and need revising and updating for the current Templot2 version.

It also means that information about Templot elsewhere on the internet in web forums and blogs and in the results of Google searches may be similarly out of date

Likewise the Templot web site itself has developed piecemeal over those 20 years and more. Unfortunately this means there is little overall structure or plan to the site. Some information can be difficult to find, and a lot of it is now out of date.

I am working to create a new updated Templot Companion web site, but it is a major task and will take time. You can see how it is progressing at:

In the meantime here below is a run through the present state of play. The new updated version of the Templot Companion will eventually revise and combine all these pages into a single web site. Until then please remember to use these additional links below.

You may find some things don't match what you are seeing on the screen. That's where the Templot Club user forum comes in to answer your questions. This is a friendly support forum and web site for Templot users to ask questions, exchange information, ideas, and data files, and to keep up to date with the latest Templot news. Please join to get the most from Templot.

Templot Club is at:

1. First there is the original Templot Companion web site. Mostly written 20 years ago and barely updated since, including some lengthy static tutorials. Large parts of it are now out of date, or have been overtaken subsequently by many new features and functions. But it still contains more information in one place than anywhere else:

It's here:

2. A few years after that, I started creating the Camtasia downloadable videos. They are also mostly out of date. There is a long list of them on this page:

It's here:

3. As the old versions developed I created two long pages explaining all the additional features introduced. Those pages contain masses of information which has never been linked in anywhere else:

Find them here:

4. Separately from all that, the Templot program itself has always contained some lengthy Help notes on the various functions and settings. But none of that is integrated with any of the above, apart from some instructions to "click the Help button". Which may or may not help, because many of those buttons and links do not yet go anywhere. Including the "more information online" links:

5. Frequently in answering questions on Templot Club I have created short Jing videos. There are dozens of them, and even I don't know what many of them are about. The only way to find out is to play them and see. They are all still available:

Jing videos are short and scruffy to watch because they were all created quickly without any editing, while writing replies on here. don't provide any editing function for the free Jing service.

For some reason I seem to have two Jing accounts.

The earlier videos are here:
And the later ones here:

A few years ago Dave Summers very kindly compiled a descriptive clickable index for the earlier ones. His list is here in PDF format:

6. A great deal of information has appeared in Templot Club forum messages and nowhere else. This includes the details of new version features as they appeared. For example here are some details of the new functions introduced in the old version 091c:

That topic is here:

And likewise for 091b:

7. Similarly for Templot2, a very long list of new features is detailed on the change log page:

That page is here:

8. Then more recently I have been creating video tutorials in FBR format. These can be accessed from within the program in addition to the web site:

9. And finally there is the new Templot Companion web site and A-Z index. This looks good so far, but as you will know if you have visited it, there is a lot of content still missing. The plan is that all the above information, including hundreds of updated screenshots and dozens of web pages and videos, should eventually be integrated into it, including most importantly the A-Z Index. Plus of course all the new pages, videos and tutorials now needed for Templot2.

That's here:

10. Not forgetting the information on the Templot home page for first-time visitors:


11.  And finally the prototype track information is now on this page:



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