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                 store in pdf and work with 3d builder
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1st message | this message only posted: 26 Dec 2020 18:10
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Igor Kurgan


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Hello to everyone.
I am sure this question is asked more before, or this problem is more asked before but i could not find it...I am making some progress on the way I want to build my railway/road.
With 2 by 10 mm aluminium strips.
Recently i made a BIG change...instead of using a 2.2 mm saw blade i ordered a 1.9 and a 1.8 mm saw blade with very satisfaction results....for strait and curves!
But i am not a robot thus i can not (no human...believe me with my experience!) maintain this precision i want, in the way i would like to do the sleepers in wood for turnouts crossovers ect....

I would like to export a templot file to jpeg or something so that "3d builder" can understand, so i can make---->(3d printer can make) some sleepers/ties of the image templot has giving me.
So i can be more precise in building in my own way, without the wood!
I hope you understand/sorry for my bad english
If there is a need for more explanation please feel free to ask if you dont know what i dont insult me easy!

With best regards and stay save
Healthy wishes for 2021 for you all.......
Best Igor K

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