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                 FORUM CHANGEOVER
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1st message | this message only posted: 27 Dec 2020 21:00
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Martin Wynne
West Of The Severn, United Kingdom

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Please do not send requests for help direct to me via email or PM.

Post your questions on the forum where everyone can see them and add helpful replies.
Paul Boyd wrote: Hi Martin

Go for it!  The new forum does look good, and moving into a new year is as good a time to change as any.

OK Paul, I'm going for it ! :)

Hi All,

If you need to make any further posts on this old version of Templot Club, get a move on!

Later tonight, after 13 years, I'm going to switch this existing Templot Club forum to READ ONLY.

I must do that to have any hope of converting it to a searchable long-term archive. I can't do that while it is active.

I've done as much preparatory work on the new version of Templot Club as I think is feasible, it now needs to be up and running for me to iron out any remaining snags.

So please go to the NEW Templot Club at:

and click the Register link (top right) to sign up, if you have not already done so. Please use your existing user name if possible, so that we know who you are, but it's not essential if you have always wanted to change it.

There may be a short delay after registering before you can log in. At this stage I am approving registrations manually to avoid getting any spammers or scammers joining.

(If you need to type that Club link at any time, note that it is .uk , there is no .co in it.)

The new forum uses the XenForo software which you may already know. In the UK model railway world it is used by:

Western Thunder:

Platform 1:

also by the Gauge 0 Guild, and no doubt several others.

I shall post some further explanations in this thread:

on the new version, which you will be able to read even if you are not yet Registered on there, or not Logged in.

But if you have any problems or questions which you can't post on the new forum, please email me. You can find my email address by clicking my name on the left here, and going to my Profile.

(Although it will be read-only for everyone else, I shall still be able to make further posts here if necessary.)

For an explanation of why we are moving, see:



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